Lamzov Scholarship

2019 Lamzov Recipients


Annually, The Conservation Angler awards merit scholarships and  prizes in memory of Fisheries Officer Sergey Lamzov who worked closely with the Kamchatka Steelhead Project for many years. He will killed in the line of duty on an anti-poaching operation. Lamzov scholarships (four year) are awarded to students attending university pursuing degree programs in ichthyology, fisheries science, wildlife management, eco-systems function, or  similar areas of study. Lamzov prizes are awarded to outstanding high school students -- academic achievement, community service, extra-curricular activities. The Conservation angler is pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of the Lamzov scholarship and prizes:


Lamzov Scholarship recipient: Ekaterina Ambrasovskaya

Lamzov Prize recipients: Olga Aleksandrovna Bulatova, Kiseleva Marina Andreevna, Sverdlov Evgeniy Alekseevich

Olga Aleksandrovna Bulatova


My name is Olga Aleksandrovna Bulatova, born (June 15, 2002) and raised in Elizovo City, Kamchatka. My father’s name is Aleksander Mikhailovich, my mother’s name is Inga Gennadyevna, my older sister’s name is Lilia.


My family have always been supporting me in all my endeavors, helping me in times I needed them most, and thanks to my family, I have accomplished a lot.  In 2008 I was introduced to school life at Elizovo Secondary School # 8. I started to attend the extracurricular activities since childhood: attended art school, took up some dance classes, did some track and field sports.


Biology has become an area of great interest to me when I was in the 7th grade. Since then I have participated in lots of Biology Olympiads and contests, moreover, I was the winner in most of them! I have to mention here that in 2016-2017 I took part in the Nationwide Olympiad in Biology in Ylyanovsk, Russia.


I consider myself to be rather communicative, find common language with my peers easily, able to work as a team leader very well, always listen to and respect adults. My major purpose in life is to get decent education and build my career.


I have already completed all my school requirements and finished the 11the grade with straight A’s. Now I am getting ready to enter Pirogov’s Russian National Research Medical University in Moscow, Russia. My mother has been working as a nurse all her life, and she impacted greatly on my career path. Since childhood, I decided to become a doctor to help people and, by doing that, I will be able to make the world a better place.


Kiseleva Marina Andreevna


I am Kiseleva Marina Andreevna, born on December 27, 2001 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Russia. In September 2008 I was invited to attend public school #24, then I was transferred to Lyceum 46. My mother is Kiseleva Anna Revkatovna, born on February 23, 1972, works as a doctor.


I finished the 9th grade with straight A’s or with merit. I have started participating in various subject Olympiads since I was in the 4th grade. I want to pursue a career in medicine and planning to enter Pavlov’s First Medical University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


I am an active member of the “Growth Formula” club. This club focuses on the applied ecology.  I am a theater goer, love traveling and make friends.


Sverdlov Evgeniy Alekseevich


I am Sverdlov Evgeniy Alekseevich, born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Russia, on June 24, 2001. My mother is Barashkina Galina Aleksandrovna, residing in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski since 1995. Currently she is in charge of the mobile sector in the Regional library. My father is Sverdlov Aleksey Anatolyevich, works as a lab worker in the Forensic Department.


In 2008 I started attending public school # 15. It was so challenging for me, honestly, I was really struggling. In 2015, I took up the alpine climbing classes at Sports School for children and teenagers (the school specializes in Winter Sports mostly). In 2017 I performed in some regional competitions and was qualified for the Third-Class Junior Sportsman Award. The same year, I entered Lyceum #46. In 2018 I became an absolute and undisputed alpine climbing champion in Kamchatka Krai among the other male participants.


At Lyceum I was encouraged to study Sciences such as Math, Physics and Economics. Participated in various Olympiads and became the winner at the municipal level of Nationwide Olympiad in Economics and also the runner-up at the regional level.


In addition to that, I am interested in nature safety and regulations. I defended some of my projects at the scientific conferences. Also, I participated in the volunteer clean-up events in the city and its vicinity. The biggest project of mine was the ecosystem conservation project at Lake Kultuchnoye.


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